My Services

EasyIO programming and commissioning:  

I can provide FG control programs for your project, based on your sequence of operation and points list.  If you require commissioning services as well, transportation and lodging will have to be provided.

Jace 3E, 6E, 7, 8000 and supervisory programming:
I can provide programming and graphics for your site as well as integrate your field controllers to the supervisory system.  If the controllers are already in place and internet communications have been established, this can be done remotely. 
EasyIO Building Integration:
EasyIO uses Tridium products that make building automation software that connects to
Multiple vendors
JCI, Honeywell, Siemens, TAC, Andover, and many others
Multiple Protocols
LON, BACnet, Modbus, OPC, and many others
Multiple Systems
HVAC, Energy, Security, Laboratory, Lighting, Electrical Monitoring, Plumbing, Irrigation
Integrates them into one common platform for daily operation, maintenance, and engineering
Common web based graphic interface
Accessible from anywhere